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About Appassionata Music Studio

 In 2010,  Appassionata Music Studio was created to serve students from the New York City and Westchester areas.  After working in a music school for almost a decade, Mrs. Ai,  as her students know her, had a vision to start a music studio that provides fun and safe learning environment for children.  Appassionata Music Studio is a place where love for music is nurtured and performance skills are developed in a fun and free but disciplined and structured environment.


The studio offers both group and private lessons.  Unlike other music school, Appassionata Music Studio offers micro group lessons where groups do not exceed four people.  The small class sizes at Appassionata, give Mrs. Ai a chance to address any learning problems students may have immediately while providing support and reassuarance to each student.  In order to address each student's need, Mrs. Ai creates a curriculum that is unique to each child.


The studio is equipped with two different kinds of keyboards that suit the growth level of each student.  The keyboards with a lighter touch are perfect for little fingers who are going through a delicate formative process.  On the weighted keyboards, Mrs. Ai and students are able to engage in a creative process where they explore dynamics, articulation and nuances. 


Appassionata Music Studio is a place where each student's effort is rewarded.  There is an annual recital held in a beautiful concert hall where each student gives solo performances.  Her students participate in local and international competitions such as Crescendo International Competition, Golden Classical Music Awards, International Music Competition "Salzburg" Grand Prize Virtuoso and Little Mozart International Music Competition.  and have received top three prizes.  The studio is also a place where students learn to be responsible for their progress.  In an evaluation form at the end of each year, students are asked to critically reflect on their performances and progress.  Students and parents are part of the process of learning because their suggestions of music repertoire are always included.  This is possible because Mrs. Ai will edit each songs according to each student's level.


Mrs. Ai is always striving to make the studio a better place for her students. 



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