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Both micro group and private lessons will:


  • foster a love for music​​​​

  • promote his/her individuality​​​​

  • nurture creativity


Micro-group lesson

Maximum number of students is four.  This allows students the benefit of learning with peers at the same time getting ample one on one care from the teacher​.

​Private lesson

One on one lesson that is more intense and vigorous.

*All new students will start in group lessons.  After a year of group lessons, the progress will be evaluated and parents and the teacher will discuss if a student will continue in group lessons or private lessons.

​​The curriculum used is tailored for each class to address each student's need
Both micro group and private lesson cover:


  • The fundamentals of music: notation and rhythm

  • Ear training

  • Music theory

  • Composition

  • Music appreciation

  • Performance skill

  • Classical, Jazz and pop



​The studio has one upright piano and two different kinds of keyboards that suit the growth level of students

For the beginner students

There are light touch keyboards that are easier to press and control for little fingers.

For the advanced students

There are weighted keyboards that have similar touch to the grand piano.  A variety of articulations and dynamics are explored using these keyboards.

  • Fall semester: Oct - Jan

  • Spring semester: Feb - June

  • Optional summer classes

    • September review course

    • Private lesson

A recital will take place in May or June in a beautiful concert hall
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